“Having ventured into the soap making world just over 18 months ago I have discovered a new world of creativity. I have been inspired by many fantastic soap artists from around the globe and I am sure I will be posting links to them in on this page.

The environment is a massive global concern and we should all do everything we can to protect it for our future generations. Bar Soap is one way we can save on plastics. Most bathrooms are cluttered with bottles of liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner. Replacing them with bar soap will reduce the amount of plastic pollution. My soaps come in recyclable card boxes. I will be looking to increase my range of soaps over the coming year and also hope to introduce a shampoo bar.

Palm Oil is another controversial ingredient that is commonly used in soaps. Whilst there are responsibly sourced suppliers of Palm Oil, I have taken the decision to eliminate it entirely from my soaps.

What do my soaps contain? – I make them with my own blend of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Hemp Seed oil. I colour them with combinations of naturally occurring mineral pigments, charcoal or plant materials (the photo above shows a Nettle and Turmeric soap bar which is coloured with Charcoal, Dried Nettle leaf powder, Turmeric and Indigo).

The bars are scented with either a fragrance oil or essential oils. Whilst it is easy to see the soaps and candles on line it is not so easy to smell them. Please come and visit me at one of the markets to see and smell the products.

Hand Made variations. As the bars are hand made, no two bars are the same. Colours and patterns do vary.

I have also developed a limited range of candles and diffusers. For the same environmental reasons as above, these are also palm free. I use soy wax for the candles and do not colour them to keep it as natural as possible. I currently have candles available in beautiful gold or silver electroplated glasses. They are sold in card boxes also.
I hope you enjoy using these products.”